Using crop management software to increase yield

Our approach to agronomy and crop management combines science with customised individual plans to meet client’s commercial targets. By using Agworld, a cloud-based agronomy solution, we’re able to measure, collate and review the data that lets us plan in advance, track our results in realtime and make adjustments whenever we need to.

It’s an essential piece of agri software we use daily to streamline a number of processes and the results speak for themselves. Farmers face the challenge of environmental compliance whilst maintaining profitability, with Agworld providing a platform capable of providing comprehensive, accurate information relating to nutrient input and output.

The process starts by creating virtual maps we can use to plan crops paddock by paddock. By assigning plans to each individual paddock and crop, we’re able to provide a high level of accuracy in whole farm budgets, updating with real time data as required. This information goes far beyond just farmer’s measurements, and can include soil quality, previous yield and fertiliser application history to help us understand what can be done to ensure a greater yield by the end of the season.

Once the season is underway, we use the app to track the progress of crops in real time. Whenever fertiliser, chemicals or seed is applied we can enter not only how much is used, but also the associated yield response when combined with other factors such as irrigation and rainfall.

The fact that any stakeholder can access this information instantly is also something our clients enjoy as they can see exactly where their money is being spent. Whether our agronomists are on the road or in the office, they can note recommendations or requests that get turned into orders or action points instantly.

This communication is crucial, especially during peak season when our agronomists are out walking paddocks daily. Being able to update budgets and inputs on the fly enables a nimble approach, providing farmers with timely, accurate information across their whole operation, removing the need for additional paperwork and reducing the time we spend on admin, giving us more time to be on your farm.

A prime example of how the app has helped us create efficiencies and outcomes for farmers is our partnership with Queensberry Ridges dairy support block, where farming fodder beet in relatively light soils was proving a challenge in the windy environment.

By plotting all information available to us, we were able to use Agworld to help plan the planting and removal of a cover crop that increased fodder beet yield after just one season. And by keeping track of everything we have done at Queensberry we’re now able to use that valuable data to plan for the future.

To find out more about how Agworld has been a success for us, watch our case study videos here. And if you have any questions about how this agronomy software can make a difference to your operation, feel free to get in touch with one of the team.