SureYield™ Balshando Farming

There are always a number of factors when it comes to growing successful crops and achieving yield targets can sometimes be a case of hit and miss. This uncertainty, combined with the significant expense of buying in extra feed or planting extra crop when yield targets aren’t met, led Andrew and Sarah Carr, owners of Balshando Farming in Mayfield, to choose Sure Yield.

Andrew and Sarah were looking for a crop solution that guaranteed yield, and if results fell short of agreed yield targets and feed budgets, the accountability was there to protect them.

Unlike traditional agronomy service models, Sure Yield shares the risk or reward of yield results with farmers. Simply put, either we grow or we pay which ensures its in our best interests to get your crop to perform to its highest yield potential.

The results achieved from Sure Yield were unprecedented in Andrew and Sarah's farming history which confirmed the Sure Yield fixed price model was the right solution for Balshando Farming.